Comic-tanium™:  Materials Superheroes
Often, when comic book heroes face seemingly insurmountable problems, they gain an advantage by teaming up with other superheroes and combining their unique superpowers. A similar approach can be applied to science and engineering problems. In fact, the minerals, metals, and materials workforce needs professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds to contribute their unique viewpoints and approaches to solve complex problems. We’ve gathered a collection of these individuals in a section we call the League of Materials Superheroes, which describes how they are contributing to making our world a better place.

Akane Suzuki

Alexis Lewis

Amy Clarke

Ben Poquette

Christina Meskers

Dele Ogunseitan

Eliana Fu

Ellen Cerreta

Jim Yurko

Joy Hines Forsmark

Elizabeth A. Holm

Markus J. Buehler

Michele V. Manuel

Nayomi Plaza

Paul R. Ohodniki, Jr.

Ricardo J. Zednick

Srinivas Chada

Viola L. Acoff